Team Tortoise | Team Turtle is a community of people who enjoy walking and/or running, cycling, swimming, paddling, surfing or just about any sport on land or water... at a slower pace. We share an experience that we are most happy and comfortable in our own shell as a slow and steady person always on the move. From the classic tale of the Tortoise and the Hare, many have come to identify with the tortoise over the years. It is in this collective spirit that we celebrate the wonder of all tortoises and turtles and like our hard-shelled friends, are moving well in the long run of life.

A variety of groups and clubs have all used the Team Tortoise or Team Turtle monikers over the years to identify their team of compadres.  I hope this web site with my free graphics will inspire others to take either the tortoise name in activities on land, or the turtle name for activities in or by water. So get your tortoise or sea turtle friends together, sign up for that event you want to do, print your t-shirts and proudly plod in organized activities of forward motion together as TEAM TORTOISE or TEAM TURTLE!

Doug McIntosh
San Diego, California

Note - The header graphic I use at the top of the site of the runners on the street caught my eye instantly. The fourth runner from the left is a dead ringer from my daughter Katie, who has jogged with me over the years with the exact silhouetted face and body with her hair tied up top for the run. We are truly DNA team tortoises and when we run together, it's like running with yourself right next to you. Love you girl.
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